Gearing Roles | 6 gender equality plan
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Project Steps

Understand the context

Understand how environment and cultural contexts determine the value of different degrees and professional settings

Evaluate the state-of-play in the institution

Evaluate how gender roles and identities are performed in each GEP implementing institutions in terms of disaggregated data of staff, degrees and professional ranks

Plan and set up a GEP

Design GEPs that involve a deeper and strategic understanding of the sociology and psychology of gender roles

Act and implement the GEPs

Implement GEPs that challenge the privileged status assigned to men by promoting women´s visibility and representation and juxtaposing their valuable contributions to knowledge creation and organizational quality to promote long-term behavioral and structural changes

Monitor progress and evaluate the effectiveness of GE

To monitor the measures adopted and evaluate the effectiveness of the GEPs, through indicators of progress and real impact

About Project

GEARING-Roles is a strong multidisciplinary consortium of 10 European academic and non-academic partners that will design, implement, and evaluate 6 Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) following the steps described in the GEAR tool (define, plan, act and check) with the firm objective of challenging and transforming gender roles and identities linked to professional careers, and work towards real institutional change.

Latest News & Events

  • In January 2019 the EU Horizon 2020 funded project GEARING Roles will be launched. The project will design, implement and evaluate 6 equality plans in 6 European institutions and will be coordinated by the University of Deusto. In addition to fostering the implementation of these......

  • This is the new website for the project Gearing Roles, we hope you enjoy it. We are pleased to announce that we just launched our website. Here you can find the latest news about the Gearing Roles project. In the coming weeks we will add......