WP4- Career Progression And Human Resources Management



Our goals

  • To promote the implementation of the “Open, transparent, merit-based recruitment toolkit” from the Human Resources
  • Strategy for Researchers of the European Commission (https://www.euraxess.es/spain/services/open-transparent-and-
    merit-based-recruitment-researchers) among participating institutions and to reflect on how this toolkit could be strengthen with a gender-equality lenses.
  • To train participating institutions on how to develop researcher career development strategies embedded in the general gender equality plans.
  • To develop a mentoring programme pilot for R2 (post-docs) female researchers to support them in their career progression.

Interesting Resources

The open, transparent, merit based recruitment checklist seen with gender equality lenses


The table below tries to summarize all the input gathered in the GEARING-Roles workshops where gender equality experts analysed the current OTMR-Checklist and discussed actions which could lead to strengthening the gender equality measures of the recruitment process. Depending on the kind of action, these have been included into the checklist in the shape of new principles, subprinciples and indicators, as well as some clarifications about the gender-equality implications of the proposals made.



You can find more information about it in our blog post


Mentoring Program FELISE


The mentoring programme FELISE wants to contribute to support 30 early-career women researchers to advance in their academic careers and in their participation in decision-making bodies. Moreover, FELISE wants to contribute to promote the necessary changes to eliminate institutional barriers that currently hamper that progression in the six institutions participating in the programme.


Find more information about FELISE on this page.