Our goals

  • Develop effective tools and methods, specifically tailored to meet the partners’ needs, mobilising to build the capacity of the teams at all levels through the Institutional Pairing System.
  • Design general and topic-specific training programmes on gender equality, building capacities to address main GEPs’ areas of action.
  • Offer specific high-level expertise in terms of institutional change for gender equality in research organisations, at the partners’ disposal throughout the project duration.
  • Build tools and methods drawing on transformation design principles to be mobilised by partner institutions to support the effective involvement of academic communities and key stakeholders.

Interesting Resources

Participatory Techniques

Gender Wave


Structured Democratic Dialogue Final

Gender Equality Plans

One of the main outputs of this project are the GEPs. Here you can find the link to the GEP of the implementers in the project.


GEARING-Roles has developed the Humorarium Toolkit, a toolkit with arguments and vignettes that were designed using feminist humour, aiming to support gender equality stakeholders in their effort to combat resistance to change, in the context of research performing organisations!


You can access the humorarium website using this link.

A Guide to Gender Mainstreaming in Teaching and Research

We are pleased to present our document, “A Guide to Gender Mainstreaming in Teaching and Research”. This document offers a detailed guide for the implementation of a gender perspective in teaching and research. It contains theoretical and practical information on how to integrate gender equality in the planning, design, and evaluation of curricula, research programs, and projects. We cordially invite you to consult the complete document by clicking on the following link (two-sided versions here).