WP6 – Research, Education and Innovation



Our goals

  • Promote gender mainstreaming in research by including a gender perspective in research programs and methodologies and by fostering scientific production in relation to gender and feminist studies.
  • Introduce gender in education by training faculty in the design and development of gender related contents and competencies, and by integrating the gender perspective in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral curricula in all academic disciplines.
  • Promote community engagement in the promotion of diversity and inclusion outside the classroom and among different members on campus.

Interesting Resources

Checklist: Gender mainstreaming in education

This checklist is an interesting tool that help you assess the extent to which gender is mainstreamed in your institutions, provided by OBU team. You can download it in the next link.

Travelling TShirt Exhibition

This exhibition provides a response to the phenomenon of co-opting, watering down and ‘branding’ of feminist messages by marketeers, social media influencers or celebrities. The exhibition aims to provide an alternative to the commodification of feminism, and increased trends towards ‘postfeminist’ femininity.

Gender and entrepreneurship

Here you can find the slides used in the talk “Gender and entrepreneurship”, by Dr Anne Laure Humbert with contributions from Dr Shireen Chilcott and Geena. You can find the talk here.

Resources from GECCO sister project

From our sister project GECCO, we share some great videos that they have created: