In line with the call goals GEARING-Roles targets the questioning and transformation of traditional gender roles at the micro, meso, and macro levels, with four main Objectives:

Female career progression

To remove barriers to female recruitment and devise Personal Career Development Plans (PCDPs)

Education and research

To provide alternative references in traditionally male dominated areas (STEM) and in those where women are majority but kept under glass ceilings (Health & Care, Hum, Law, SSCC in general) by strengthening the gender dimension in research programs and methodologies, fostering gender-knowledge and scientific production in relation to gender and feminist studies, and by reinforcing women researchers’ careers

Leadership and decision-making

To address gender imbalances in the representation, processes, and the promotion of women leadership in research institutions

Promotion of Gender Equality in Research Organisations and key stakeholders for the reinforcement of ERA

Disseminate the common framework and outputs for institutional gender assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation to establish commitment to gender equality in major European stakeholder organisations and build a sustainable long-term network of organisations advancing gender equality

GEARING-Roles project follows the steps defined by the GEAR tool and its 5 phases is at the core of the implementation plan. WPs are geared to achieve sustainability beyond the EU funding phase. WPs2, 3, 4, and 5 will focus on gendered career choices, the unequal representation of women and men in scientific careers, and the favoured position of men in leadership and decision-making, sharing and generating knowledge, piloting and testing and improving existing tools and providing new ones and services to generate wide impact in structural change. WP6 will play a central role for providing support to GEP implementing institutions along the whole duration of the project and contribute to the capacity building at the newcomer institutions based on the sound experience of the WP leader. WP7 will ensure the visibility of the activities by developing key messages tailored, advertise and disseminate the activities and more over by promoting the interaction of the project activities and members with other key actors, stakeholders in order to strengthen the commitment at the European Level. Finally, WP8 will assess the progresses made towards the defined targets building up from the baseline assessment and the results of WP2 to ensure a context sensitive evaluation and enhance sustainability.