International Women’s Day 2021

This year, GEARING ROLES is celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month with some short videos created by our consortium members.

We decided to use International Women’s Day as an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the project now that we are over half-way through our 4-year timespan. In this series of videos, members from our consortium share how the gender equality plans have been successfully implemented in research institutions and how the project has helped to raise awareness of certain challenges in research and academia. In line with Women’s History Month, we have also been thinking about inspiring women from past and present. Our partners share some thoughts on who they’ve been inspired by in these short videos.GEARING Roles also wanted to engage its students this IWD2021 by launching a Tik Tok campaign! Our first videos will contribute to the Tik Tok  ‘Put your finger down’ challenge. We will ask students various questions to encourage them to think about gendered experiences and stereotypes. We will be posting in multiple languages to make sure our content is accessible to a diverse audience. We want students from a variety of institutions to get involved and recreate their own #GEARINGROLES videos. You can download the necessary voice overs for to make your own video by going onto Antzerkide’s Tik Tok account on the following link: What are you waiting for! Share your video now! 

Follow our account @gearing_roles on Tik Tok to follow our latest posts and use or search for #GearingStudents4Equality 
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