Gender equality in Estonian research- current situation and ways of improving

Since the start of the GEARING-Roles project, gender inequality has been one of the most debated issues at the Estonian Research Council. While we had extensive information about the situation in our home organisation, we had limited knowledge about gender equality in local R&D institutions. For this reason, a study was commissioned in 2020 to examine gender equality in public research institutions in Estonia. The study, published in March of this year and carried out by University of Tartu Centre for Applied Social Sciences, collected and analysed both quantitative as well as qualitative data. The study also analysed which factors affect the choices men and women take on subject fields, their academic career and its progression. The following fact sheet showcases some of the main conclusions of the study:

Authors of the study and the information sheet: Helen Urmann, Kadri Lees, Marvi Remmik, Ene Tubelt, Liana Roos, Maili Vilson, Saara Maria Puur, Merli Aksen, Siim Espenberg (University of Tartu Centre for Applied Social Sciences). You can download the image here.

Post created by: Loone Vilumaa, R&D analyst, Estonian Research Council

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