GEARING ROLES new handbook!

The ‘Handbook for Creating a Gender-Sensitive Curriculum: Teaching and Learning Strategies’ is a compendium of examples and case studies of effective gender-sensitive practice in higher education. It contains a practical guide for teachers and trainers across a range of contexts that illustrate how others have successfully managed to strengthen the gender dimension in their teaching practice. This includes activities from a diverse range of contributors across different disciplines, national contexts and institutional settings, all designed to inspire readers to reflect and take action in their own practices.

The handbook is organised into four sections, based on the self-assessment checklist for a gender-sensitive curriculum – Teaching about gender; Developing gender-sensitive teaching approaches; Supporting students and staff to be gender-sensitive; Creating and supporting institutional approaches to embed gender-sensitivity in the curriculum.

Each case study uses infographics to offer a quick-reference guide which explains how to adapt the activity to a range of contexts and scenarios. Many of these practical strategies have a theoretical basis and therefore most case studies include references and links to further information that can be directly accessed from the online version of the handbook. 

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