Join Our Virtual Workshop On Good Practices For Achieving Gender Equality In Recruitment And Career Development Of Researchers In Europe

Aim of the workshop

The Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers  from the European Commission is key to the European Union policy to boost researchers´ careers and to achieve an open labour market for researchers.  We would like to analyze it with gender equality experts and, if applicable, suggest recommendations on how to improve it for the good of gender equality in research, in particular in those aspects that have to do with recruitment and career progression. In order to do so, the Charter and Code will be introduced to participants in the workshop and, after, different speakers will share good practices on recruitment and / or career progression, fostering gender equality. A discussion session with the workshop participants will try to come up with a first set of preliminary recommendations.  


Max. 20-30


  • GEARING Roles partners implementing GEPs
  • Partners from sister projects

 If you would like to participate as audience, you are kindly requested to contact us ( ) to register and receive the invitation to the on-line workshop.

If you would like to share a good practice, please submit your expression of interest through the following form:

Duration & dates:

1:30h duration

26 June 2019 (10:00 – 11:30)


  • Good practices from participants addressing different phases related to the recruitment procedure:
    • Advertising and application
    • Selection and evaluation
    • Appointment of position
    • Career progression
  • Discussion on how to embed the gender dimension in the Charter and Code with a particular emphasis in recruitment and career development.
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